Powerful plant and pesticide protection.

Gentle on plants.

How it Works

Binds pesticides to plants, blocks damage.

Other non-water-based adjuvants can react poorly with the chemicals in your pesticides, causing phytotoxicity, or burning the leaves of your crop.

Lets your plants breathe.

Aguavant is a polymer matrix, or a microscopic mesh. It works like scaffolding, holding your pesticides in place while allowing water and carbon dioxide to flow through to the plant.

Protects leaf growth.

Aguavant is flexible to keep up with your growing plants. Whenever it gets wet, it redistributes itself to cover the leaf. So you continue to get the maximum benefit from every drop of pesticide you spray.

There’s a more effective, gentler option that breaks the cycle.

Your crops won’t benefit from pesticide spray if it washes off with every water application. Unexpected chemical reactions between your adjuvant and pesticide can end up harming the plants you’re trying to protect.

Aguavant is a water-based adjuvant that protects your plants and your pesticides. Mixing Aguavant with your chemical spray ensures that pesticides stick around long enough to do their job, but don’t burn, penetrate, or suffocate your crop.

See Label & Safety Data Sheet
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The proof is in the plants.

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